Study opportunities

Anne von Philipsborn's lab

Lab background:

We are interested how the nervous system generates and controls motor behaviour. Our focus is on analyzing neuronal circuits underlying motor patterning and multifunctional motor neuron networks. Furthermore, we are interested in higher order coordination of complex behavioural sequences and state dependent action selection. In our work, we use Drosophila melanogaster sexual behaviour as a model system.

Available projects:

Currently available student and master projects involve the analysis of neuronal circuits underlying behaviour. For more information, please contact Anne von Philipsborn.


Drosophila genetics, Behavioural assays with audiorecordings and high speed video, Optogenetics, Confocal Microsocopy, 3D anatomical image analysis.

The successful applicant is:

Highly motivated, hardworking, independent, technically skilled, open minded, curious, inventive, well organized. We are an international lab and the language of the lab is English.


Please contact Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn directly, if interested.