Study opportunities

Anders Nykjær's lab

Lab background:

The lab comprises master and Ph.D. students in addition to several postdocs and technicians from four counties.

The lab has many years of expertise in development and phenotypic characterization of transgenic mouse models. The overarching theme is to provide the molecular mechanisms that link specific genetic variants in the population with brain disorders.

Available projects:

Master: Role of the multiple sclerosis risk gene SorCS3 in myelination. The project will involve cell culture experiments studying myelination of primary neurons by oligodendrocyte precursors with or without SorC3 expression (from knockout mice of following siRNA knockdown). Myelination will be analyzed by confocal immunofluorescence microscopy.

PhD: Conditional knockout or overexpression of the receptor sortilin in mice: Implications for memory formation and anxiety. Expression levels of sortilin will be controlled in excitatory and inhibitory neurons and the implications for synaptic plasticity and behavior will be characterized. The study will incorporate electrophysiology, mouse behavior, primary neuronal cultures and imaging techniques.

PhD: Regulating memory formation. In this project we will use viral-mediated gene transfer to inhibit expression of specific genes of interest using shRNA and study the impact on learning and memory consolidation. Besides the use of transgenic virus and behavioral paradigms the project confocal microscopy will also incorporates imaging techniques.


Among techniques used are electrophysiology, gene therapy by stereotactic injections of viruses into the brain, paradigms to study mouse behavior, in situ hybridization, embryology, primary neuronal cultures and other cell biological methods, advanced imaging techniques, and biochemistry. Recently, the use of transgenic zebrafish has been implemented. 

The successful applicant is:

Excited about neuroscience, committed, willing to invest the time required to move forward the project, a team player good at collaborating, open minded, social and has a good sense of humor.

Please contact Group Leader Anders Nykjær directly, if interested