Master study opportunities

Project in fruit fly behaviour


Duda Kvitsiani’s group is seeking a master student for a fruit fly behavior project.

The fundamental question that we ask is why do we (and animals as well) value so much hard-to-get objects? For example, we all know that money won in a lottery is not as valuable as money earned by hard work.


We are aiming to answer this question at the genetic level by designing the new foraging assays with carefully manipulating the amount of reward and the difficulty levels. Master student joining the lab will be involved in designing the new foraging assay using automated delivery of water as well as controlling the difficulty level to reach the rewarded sites for flies. In the first step the assay will test if fly behavior is following the optimal models of food foraging, and in the second step we will be looking for genes affecting foraging decisions.

The ultimate goal of the project is to reveal conserved genes that evolved to subserve the food foraging decisions in insects as well as in vertebrates.

Application details

We particularly encourage master students to apply from engineering/physics departments since building the behavioral assay will require some programming and hardware building skills. But students will biology background and some programming experience are also welcome to apply.

The successful applicant will interact with people in the lab doing similar assays in rodents and humans, thus will have broader perspective over their work.

For details of the related project in mice see the Kvitsiani group website, or contact Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani directly with any questions.




Master projects

Our group has more projects for master studies like:

  • Disease mechanisms elicited by synuclein aggregation in cells and animal models.
  • Characterization of kinases and their pathways involved in degenerative and protective signaling.
  • Investigation of stress mechansisms (toxic and protective) in brain cells from transgenic mouse models
  • Investigation of how cytosolic synuclein is released from cells as pathogenic species.

Furthermore, we encourage to inventiveness leading to a project based on your own interest, but still of scientific importance.

Supervision will be conducted by Poul Henning Jensen, post docs and PhD students in the group.