Olav Andersen

Transport receptors in neurodevelopment and degeneration (TREND)

We are trying to understand the intracellular sorting pathways of VPS10p receptors, and how trafficking defects may underlie Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Research Focus

We are studying the role of sorLA as a neuronal sorting receptor for the Amyloid precursor protein, aiming to determine the mechanisms how sorLA activity protects against AD using biochemistry, cell biology, and animal model systems. Current research focus to understand the regulation of sorLA gene expression, including the correlation between SNPs in the SORL1 gene (encoding sorLA protein) and AD, as well as to understand the physiological function of sorLA in the developing retina.

Available projects

There are currently projects available for Master and PhD students. Please contact Olav Andersen directly for more information, if interested.




2018.08.30 | OlavAndersen

Julian Colmenarejo is new ERASMUS Intern i Andersen team.

Julian will be assisting Ph.D student Giulia Monti in her work trying to understand the role of novel SORL1 splicing variant in the human brain that is significantly decreased in Alzheimer disease using Inmunohistochemistry, PCR and other molecular biology tecniques.

2017.02.22 | People

Cármen Vieira is new Erasmus student in Andersen Group

Carmen Vieira is an Erasmus student from Portugal, who will be working in Olav Andersen’s group from February 5th. She will be working with the SORL1 gene structure, including detailed analysis of a novel splice variant that leads to a truncated receptor. She will look into the mechanisms that determine when this splice variant is active, and how…