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Marina Romero-Ramos' lab

Lab background:

The lab uses different rodent models of Parkinson’s disease to understand the changes in neurons that leads to immune response in brain and in periphery. Our lab uses different approaches to undertand and modify such response aiming ultimately to find neuroprotective strategies.  In the lab we use brain surgery, behavioral test and anatomical techniques to study both neurons and glia in the brain. The students in the lab benefit from an interactive environment, which increase the opportunity to learn, improve your project and bring new ideas.

See (Tentillier et al., J. Neurosci. 2016)

Available projects:

Early neurodegenerative events in Parkinson’s Disease: immune response and consequences in disease progression.

The lab is currently running several projects focusing in a-synuclein induced neurodegeneration and the immune response during Parkinson’s disease. The projects include analysis of both neurons and immune cells in brain and correlate the data with the behavior in the animals as to evaluate possible changes in the neurodegenerative process.

We have normally several projects ongoing that can be adequate as Master projects. Come and ask.

Current open projects:

Bachelor Project regarding molecular signaling of a-synuclein induced activation in microglia.

Master project regarding inflammatory response during Parkinson and microglia subtypes.

Master project studying processes of a-synuclein pathology spreading in brain diseases.


Stereotaxic surgery

Behavioral test


Microcopy analysis and confocal immuno

Stereological quantification of cells in brain

Flow cytometry

Biochemical assays

The successful applicant is:

An enthusiastic dedicated student, with a strong wish to learn neuroscience in an international environment.

Please contact Group Leader Marina Romero-Ramos directly, if interested.