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Extended Internal meeting 8 March 2018

On Thursday March 8, we are having an extended version of our Internal Meeting

2017.12.13 | Kathrine Hennings

Date Thu 08 Mar
Time 09:00 10:00
Location Aud. 6 (347), Building 1170

We are having an extended version of our Internal Meeting because we are welcoming Associate Prof. Tomonori Takeuchi, DANDRITE Team Leader candidate. Tomonori will give an introductive presentation of his work, his lab and himself.

Additionally we will celebrate the continuation of Poul Nissen as appointed DANDRITE director and DANDRITE’s 5-year birthday.This also marks the beginning of DANDRITE´s second phase, having recently been approved by the Board of the Lundbeck Foundation and Aarhus University to operate for a second five-year period starting March 2018.


Bread rolls, birthday cake, coffee and tea

Messages and news

Presentations by:

Research Assistant Karen Marie Juul Sørensen, Nykjær Group (10 + 5)
Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi (15 + 5)
PhD Student Jesper Hagelskjær, Kvitsiani Group (10 + 5)

Talk by Associate Prof. Tomonori Takeuchi (20 + 10)