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Mai Iwasaki is new postdoc on Tomonori Takeuchi's team

2018.03.08 | Kathrine Hennings

Mai is new postdoc in Tomonori Takeuchi's team from March 1st. Tomonori's last study showed that when animals are exposed to a completely new environment, the signal of "novelty" emerges in locus coeruleus (LC). Following to that, in newly launched Tomonori's lab here, she would like to identify the further upstream area above LC which sends the novelty signal to LC. To monitor neural activity in behaving rats, she plan to introduce fiber photometry to catch the fluorescent emitted by a FRET calcium indicator, yellow camereon nono 50.

Before she came to Denmark, Mai worked in France and studied endogenous pain soothing mechanism achieved by oxytocin release  in periaqueductal gray and spinal cord. She used in vivo tetrode recording with silicon probe, combined with optogenetics.

As for her lifelong research perspective, Mai would like to contribute to terminate all unnecessary wars around the world by studying how animals start behaving differently to their friends and enemies. 

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