New PhD student at DANDRITE

Annemarie Svane Aavild Poulsen started her PhD studies in Group leader Anders Nykjær's group, under the supervision of Olav Andersen, on 1 August, 2014. Annemarie Svane Aavild Poulsen will be working towards understanding the regulation of the neuronal sorting receptor sorLA in general and in Alzheimer's disease (AD). A decrease in sorLA expression has been identified in brain tissue from patients suffering from AD suggesting that sorLA may be a key regulator of Aβ production and that sorLA activity protects against AD. To understand this regulation she will investigate regulatory factors involved in sorLA expression. Furthermore, association between SNPs from the gene encoding sorLA (SORL1) and AD was recently identified suggesting that transcription of SORL1 could be linked to the development of AD. By investigating regulatory factors and the effects of SORL1 SNPs on sorLA expression she hopes to understand why sorLA is down regulated in AD patients.

2014.08.04 | Karen Bech