DANDRITE postdoc appointment

Florian Hilbers has been appointed a postdoc position in Core Group Leader Poul Nissen's group for two years from 15 February, 2014. Florian Hilbers is working with the Na,K-ATPase, the main energy consumer in brain.

2014.02.16 | Karen Bech

His research is focusing on identifying the consequences of hypoxia on the two subunit (? and ?) membrane embedded Na,K-ATPase and will couple the observation of specific Na,K-ATPase activity to defined oxygen levels in oocytes. The results of this project will lead to a better understanding of the basic mechanism of the Na,K-ATPase and might lead to the discovery of drugs preventing cell death after i.e., a stroke. Florian Hilbers has been working as postdoc in Poul Nissen's group since February 2013.