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Sadegh Nabavi (Photo: private)
Mark Denham (Photo: private)
Anne von Philipsborn (Photo: DANDRITE)
Duda Kvitsiani (Photo: DANDRITE)
Keisuke Yonehara (Photo: DANDRITE)

2015.05.29 | People , AnnevonPhilipsborn, DudaKvitsiani

Top team of Group leaders now complete at DANDRITE

DANDRITE’s aim of appointing five top researchers as Group leaders has just become a reality with the appointment of Dr Sadegh Nabavi, whose research includes how memory is formed, how it can be erased, and how it can subsequently be restored.

2015.05.29 | Awards, DudaKvitsiani

Duda Kvitsiani is awarded grant from the Lundbeck Foundation

Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani has been awarded a 1.6 mio DKK grant from the Lundbeck Foundation to his project “Light and the Brain”, where he aims for developing patterned light stimulation and imaging system for behaving rodents.

2015.05.29 | Research news, MarkDenham

New publication from Mark Denham's group - How to make a midbrain dopaminergic neuron

This Primer summarises recent efforts to generate human midbrain dopaminergic neurons in vitro, from pluripotent stem cells or from somatic cells via direct reprogramming. This review was in collaboration with Prof. Ernest Arenas’s laboratory, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

2015.05.22 | People , SadeghNabavi

New Group Leader appointed at DANDRITE

Sadegh Nabavi has been appointed as the fifth Group Leader at DANDRITE, thus completing the new group leader recruitments at DANDRITE. Sadegh Nabavi will start his research activities on memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels in the summer 2015. Sadegh Nabavi’s research focus is on understanding how plasticity at the…

2015.05.20 | News from the management

Group Leader position with start-up package in Bioinformatics

Application deadline 2 July 2015. NCMM is seeking new outstanding international candidates for the position of group leader with a start-up package in bioinformatics. NCMM is the Norwegian node of The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine.

2015.05.06 | People

New postdoc at DANDRITE

Ana Oliveira started as postdoctoral fellow in Keisuke Yonehara’s group per 1 May 2015. Ana will be studying neuronal circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors, using two-photon imaging, trans-synaptic virus, optogenetics and behavioral assays.

2015.05.05 | People

New research assistant at DANDRITE

Lasse Reimer appointed research assistant in Poul Henning Jensen’s group per 1 May, where he will continue his research from his master studies, where he investigated the involvement of interferon-induced PKR kinase in Alpha-Synuclein S129 phosphorylation.

2015.05.05 | People

Guest researcher Rikard Blunck visits DANDRITE

Rikard Blunck is visiting Hanne Poulsen for 5 months from 5 May to 30 September 2015. During this time, they will continue their collaboration on the voltage-clamp fluorometry of Na/K pumps and on the crystallization of voltage-gated potassium channels. Rikard Blunck is Associate professor at Department of Physics at the University of Montréal in…

2015.05.04 | People

New PhD student at DANDRITE

Niels Sanderhoff Degn started as PhD student in Group Leader Anders Nykjær's group on 1 May 2015. Niels S. Degn is investigating the role of SorCS2 in the development and function of the dopaminergic system, which may provide novel insights into neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases such as ADHD and Parkinson’s disease. Niels S. Degn…

2015.05.04 | People

New PhD student at DANDRITE

Pernille Bogetofte Thomasen is appointed PhD student in Anders Nykjær’s group per 1 May 2015. Pernille is working on characterizing the roles of the VPS10P-domain receptors in axon guidance using in vitro and in vivo studies. These findings can provide important information about mechanisms underlying neuronal wiring but also reveal how…

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