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2014.02.16 | People

DANDRITE postdoc appointment

Florian Hilbers has been appointed a postdoc position in Core Group Leader Poul Nissen's group for two years from 15 February, 2014. Florian Hilbers is working with the Na,K-ATPase, the main energy consumer in brain.

2014.02.07 | Research news, AndersNykjær

New publication from DANDRITE researchers - new way for cholesterol treatment

Researchers from Anders Nykjær's group publish new results on cholesterol research in the article "The Hypercholesterolemia-Risk Gene SORT1 Facilitates PCSK9 Secretion" published in Journal of Cell Metabolism. The results show that there is apparently another and just as effective way of reducing so-called bad cholesterol, which is the cause of…

2014.02.04 | Research news

New publication - Pro-neurotrophins, sortilin, and nociception

New results published in European Journal of Neuroscience on how proneurotrophins engage a new receptor system distinct from that of mature neurotrophins, consisting of sortilin, and how this new system may itself function with or independently of the classic TrkA system in regulating inflammatory or neuropathic pain.