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Tue 01 May
09:00-18:00 | Lakeside Lecture Theatres (Søauditorierne), Bartholins Allé 3, bldg. 1250, Aarhus University
Neuroscience Day 2018 - Rewarding Neuroscience
On 1 May, NeuroCampus Aarhus is hosting ”Neuroscience Day 2018”. The event is open to all students, researchers, clinicians, therapists, caregivers, foundations and organizations interested in neuroscience. The central themes this year are: Reward and Punishment, Gambling and Addiction, Compulsion and Motivation, Pleasure and Anhedonia. The poster sessions are open to ALL areas of research related to neuroscience.
Tue 01 May
19:00-21:00 | Søauditorierne, Wilhelm Meyers Allé, 8000 Aarhus
Public lecture on "Reward, prediction and brain dopamine" by Brain Prize Winner Ray Dolan
Evolution has hardwired the human brain to seek out rewards at all times. Be it food, sex or that next episode on Netflix, the human brain releases a chemical called dopamine to promote recurrence of pleasing activities. This raises the question: How essential is dopamine for mental function? Professor Ray Dolan is the latest receiver of the greatest prize in brain research, The Brain Prize. We are happy to announce that he will give the associated public lecture 'The Brain Prize public lecture' at this lecture series 'Offentlige foredrag i Naturvidenskab' (Public Lectures in Natural Science). In the lecture, he will talk about the research that led to him being awarded the prize.
Thu 03 May
09:00-10:00 | Aud. 6 (347), Building 1170
Internal meeting 3 May 2018
Thu 03 May
11:00-12:00 | The Biomedicine Auditorium, building 1170, 3rd floor, room 347
DANDRITE Topical Seminar with Henne Holstege, PhD
SORL1… The fourth autosomal dominant Alzheimer gene?
Tue 08 May
13:00-10:22 | Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort, Crete, Greece
EMBO Workshop on Molecular Neurobiology
Registration deadline: 31 January 2018
Thu 17 May
09:00-10:00 | Aud. 6 (347), Building 1170
Internal meeting 17 May 2018
Fri 18 May
12:30-14:30 | The Science Park, Gustav Wieds Vej 10 (building 3140).
MBG Project Day
The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics holds a "Project Day" where researchers from the department will present projects for Bachelor and Master students.
Sat 19 May
09:00-17:00 | Isola di San Servolo, Venice
NSAS Advanced Course: Cell-Reprogramming Technology in Neuroscience
Thu 31 May
09:00-10:00 | Aud. 6 (347), Building 1170
Internal meeting 31 May 2018