2016.08.15 | People

Visiting PhD student at DANDRITE

Christian Skoven is a visiting PhD student from the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR) at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre. He started his project primo August, investigating the neurobiological mechanisms of transcranial stimulations (e.g. TMS) of the motor cortex. At the host institution (DRCMR) he is doing functional…

2016.08.15 | People

New appointment at DANDRITE

Anne-Katrine Vestergaard continues as laboratory technician in Sadegh Nabavi's group per 10 August 2016. Anne-Katrine's main tasks are management of the laboratory and assisting Sadegh Nabavi with the research on memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels done in his group.

2016.08.15 | People

New appointment at DANDRITE

Dorota Focht continues as research assistant in Poul Nissen's group per 1 August 2016, where she will continue the project focused on explaning the structural basis underlying substrate specificity of MhsT - a bacterial homologue of eukaryotic transporters from SLC6 family.

2016.08.10 | People

New appointment at DANDRITE

Ulrik Bølcho continues as an academic employee in Anders Nykjær’s Group per 1 August 2016. Ulrik will focus on the functions of the sortilin receptor family in synaptic transmission and plasticity.

2016.08.09 | Research news, PoulNissen

New publication from Poul Nissen's group - Engineering a Prototypic P-type ATPase Listeria monocytogenes Ca2+-ATPase 1 for Single-Molecule FRET Studies

Approximately 30% of the ATP generated in the living cell is utilized by P-type ATPase primary active transporters to generate and maintain electrochemical gradients across biological membranes. P-type ATPases undergo large conformational changes during their functional cycle to couple ATP hydrolysis in the cytoplasmic domains to ion transport…

2016.08.05 | People

New appointment at DANDRITE

Christine Juul Fælles Nielsen has in collaboration with Senior Researcher Claus Olesen, Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics, received an Exploratory Novo Seed grant to start a new research project on establishing a cell-based assay to screen for activators against the Wilson’s disease causing ATP7B mutant (H1069Q). Christine J. F. Nielsen will…

2016.08.04 | People

New visiting PhD student at DANDRITE

PhD student Sara Elfarrash is visiting Group Leader Poul Henning Jensen's group at DANDRITE per 13 July 2016 for 1 year. She will be studying the electrophysiological changes that can be attributed to alpha-synuclein aggregation in transgenic mouse model of Parkinsons' disease. Sara Elfarrash is visiting from the Dept. Physiology, Faculty of…

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