2014.10.10 | Awards

Postdoc fellowship awarded to Kaituo Wang

Postdoc Kaituo Wang from Poul Nissen's group has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences to do research on "Uncovering TRP-channels: ion-channels linked to human health and disease" from November 2014 in Dr. Pontus Gourdon's group at the University of Copenhagen.

2014.10.09 | People , AndersNykjær

Anders Nykjær is new professor at the Mayo Clinic

On October 1st 2014, Anders Nykjær was appointed Professor of Neuroscience at Mayo Medical School, Mayo Clinic Florida, where he has his own research laboratory. He will study the role of sortilin and its related receptors in neurodegenerative disorders. This appointment is in addition to his current professorship at Aarhus University, and he will…

2014.10.09 | News from the management

Aarhus University enters into collaboration with USA's best hospital

A new partnership agreement between Aarhus University and USA's leading hospital Mayo Clinic now gives PhD students the chance to carry out research at the hospital. The partnership also provides new opportunities within the field of neurological research.

2014.10.02 | Awards

Postdoc fellowship awarded to Joseph Lyons

Postdoc Joseph Lyons from Poul Nissen's group has been awarded a one year postdoctoral fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation for his research on "Structural determination and functional characterisation of P5-ATPases"

2014.10.01 | News from the management

Job opportunities at the Nordic EMBL nodes - Group Leader positions

Application deadline October 15, 2014. Apart from DANDRITE's announcement of an available Group Leader position, the other 3 nodes (the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland - FIMM, the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway - NCMM, and the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden - MIMS) of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular…

2014.10.01 | News from the management

Job opportunity - Postdoctoral position in Neural Circuit Function and Assembly in Visual Centers of Mice

Application deadline December 1, 2014. In this call DANDRITE seeks one postdoctoral researcher for a two year position on “Neural circuit function and assembly in visual centers of mice” in Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara's group.

2014.10.01 | People

New master student at DANDRITE

Hoger Amin started his master study in Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn's group on 1 October 2014. Hoger Amin will be working with neuromodulatory control of motor behaviour in Drosophila melanogaster male courtship song.

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