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Young DANDRITE – The PhD & Postdoc association at DANDRITE

The PhD & Postdoc Association at DANDRITE, called “Young DANDRITE” or just "YoDA", works to facilitate interaction and unity among the PhD students and postdocs affiliated DANDRITE. The association meets several times a year for meetings, and activities are also planned ad hoc. Activities can be suggested by everyone in the network to the coordinators. The coordinators of “Young DANDRITE” are Juliane Martin (Kvitsiani Group), Nathalie Krauth (Nabavi Group), and Emil Gregersen (Jensen Group).

Sophie Seidenbecher, spokesperson for PhD students, and Alena Salasova, spokesperson for postdocs, are attending DANDRITE’s monthly extended business meetings, where any subject can be discussed. Everyone in the network is welcome to give input to Sophie and Alena, if there is something you would like to have discussed at these extended business meetings.

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PhD student Nathalie Krauth

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Postdoc Juliane Martin

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PhD student Emil Gregersen

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PhD student Sophie Seidenbecher

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Postdoc Alena Salasova

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Future events

Scientific talk followed by a Friday-bar

(dates will be announced later)

Past events

Common dinner/lunch at FENS

11 November 2016 - Friday-bar

Room 148, building 1171 at 4 PM

19 January 2016 - Start-up meeting for PhD & postdoc association at DANDRITE

All PhD students and postdocs affiliated DANDRITE are invited for the start-up meeting for the PhD and PostDoc association at DANDRITE with an invited speaker and a small workshop on the 19th of January from 2 pm.

See program here

24 February 2017 - Friday-bar

3130 Kitchen, Gustav Wieds Vej 10c, at 4 PM