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Core Group Leaders & Administration

Core Group Leaders

Poul Nissen

Prof. Poul Nissen is the Director of DANDRITE and part of the core group leader team. On March 5, 2014, he was appointed Director for a period of four years (by recommendation from the Executive board) after having served as interim Director in DANDRITE’s first establishment year.

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Anders Nykjær

Prof. Anders Nykjær is part of the core group leader team.

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Poul Henning Jensen

Prof. Poul Henning Jensen is part of the core group leader team.

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The local Support Team at DANDRITE serves as the single point of contact for administrative issues for all DANDRITE's staff and students.

The Support Team aims at ensuring a cohesive, efficient and professional administration and research support for employees and students connected to DANDRITE. The Support Team strives for providing the framework needed for every single DANDRITE researcher to reach their full potential.

The local Support Team at DANDRITE depends on the administrative services in the university front offices of both the Faculty of Science & Technology and Faculty of Health, such as the HR and Accounts departments and project managers. Furthermore, the administration has contact persons in AU Communications and the Research Support Unit.

Find further info here about the Admin. Support Team at DANDRITE, and further administrative support persons at the university.

Chief Administrative Officer

Else Magård

Else is the Chief Administrative Officer at DANDRITE. She is the main contact person for DANDRITE's staff and students regarding administrative issues.

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Administrative support

Karen Bech-Pedersen

Karen is Communications assistant at DANDRITE and Personal assistant for DANDRITE Director Poul Nissen.

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Maria Thykær Jensen

Maria is Administration and Communications assistant at DANDRITE.

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Susanne Schousboe Sjøgaard

Susanne is Center manager of PROMEMO and Personal assistant for DANDRITE Core Group Leader Anders Nykjær.

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Aisha Rafique

Aisha is Communications and Scientific Research Coordinator at DANDRITE, and maternity cover for the Communications Officer for the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine.

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Emma Kathrine Sommer

Emma is student assistant in the administration at DANDRITE.

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