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Annual events & social life

The research groups at DANDRITE get together for both research and socials activities several times during the year to stimulate collaboration, interdisciplinary research, sharing method expertise, and enjoying each others company.

Scientific Events

DANDRITE encounters

Neuroscience Day at NeuroCampus


DANDRITE's Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

DANDRITE's Executive Board Meetings

The Annual Meeting for the EMBL Nordic Partnership for Molecular Medicine & the pre-meeting for the Young Investigators

The Festival of Research

DANDRITE's Seminar Series

Social Events

DANDRITE hosts social events for staff and students in the student organized bar "The Hip Campus". It is furthermore becoming a tradition that DANDRITE's staff and students get-together for a Christmas afternoon event and a New Year's celebration.

DANDRITE also engages in the social events arranged by the thriving neuroscience society at the NeuroCampus at Aarhus University. The NeuroCampus arranges "NeuroCampus Social" the first Friday of every month at Dale's Café, with at informal atmosphere and short talks, where all neuroscientists at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital are invited to participate to stimulate scientific interactions.

Staff and students from DANDRITE also attends The DHL Relay Run in Aarhus each year.

Furthermore, staff is also invited to the universty faculty summerparties and instutute parties.