2017.03.08 | People

Bence Volosinovszki is new student assistant in Kvitsiani Group

Bence started as a student assistant in Duda's group from March 6th. He will be working on the creation of an automated system that delivers nano-liter amounts of sugar solution in the form of single droplets to fruit flies during behaviour studies.

2017.03.03 | People

Temitope Ayeotan is now employed as research assistant in Nissen Group

Temitope is employed as a research assistant in Poul Nissen's group from March 1st. She will conduct structural studies on the mechanism of interaction of histidine rich calcium binding protein (HRC) and sarco/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase (SERCA) complex.

2017.03.03 | People

Emil Gregersen is new PhD student in Jensen Group

Emil Gregersen started as a PhD student in Poul Henning Jensen's group per March 1st 2017. Emil will work with the endoplasmic reticulum anchored deubiquitinase USP19 which has a key role in targeting misfolded proteins including α-syn for secretion under proteasomal stress. Preliminary data suggest aggregated α-syn as a target of USP19 and this…

2017.03.03 | People

Antoni Kowalski is now employed as postdoc in Nissen Group

Antoni is employed as a postdoc in Poul Nissen's group from March 1st. He will work on function and structure of plasma membrane calcium ATPase, a P-type ATPase responsible for extrusion of calcium ions from the cell. The project is focused on autoinhibition of the pump and involves electron microscopy, crystallography and biochemical assays.

2017.03.01 | People

Noëmie Mermet-Joret is new postdoc in Nabavi Group

Noëmie started as a postdoc in Nabavi Group from March 1st. She is an electrophysiologist and will be researching the difference between a learned fear and an innate fear at the circuit, cellular and synaptic levels.

2017.03.01 | People

Linnea Meier is new student assistant in Jensen Group

Linnea Meier started as student assistant in Jensen Group from February 7th. Linnea is studying Molecular Medicine on 2. semester at Aarhus University.

2017.03.01 | People

Mariam Gameleldin is new PhD student in Nabavi Group

Mariam Gameleldin started as a PhD student in Sadegh Nabavi’s group per March 1st 2017. Mariam will spend the next 3 years working with optogenetic and proteomic techniques with high temporal and spatial resolution in order to reveal the identity of proteins that are required for the formation of fear memory in the amygdala.

2017.02.22 | People

Alena Salasova is visiting PhD student in Nykjær Group

Alena is a senior PhD student from prof. Ernest Arenas group at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and is visiting Nykjaer Group for the next 6-10 months from the 20th of February. She will study how the WNT signalling pathway interacts with the family of sortilin receptors in vitro and what it's their function during development of mouse…

2017.02.22 | People

Harm Ruesink is new Erasmus intern in Jensen Group

Harm Ruesink is an Erasmus intern from the Netherlands, who will be working in Poul Henning Jensen’s group from February 1st. He will investigate the molecular structure and function of alpha-synuclein aggregates using biochemical methods.

2017.02.22 | People

Cármen Vieira is new Erasmus student in Andersen Group

Carmen Vieira is an Erasmus student from Portugal, who will be working in Olav Andersen’s group from February 5th. She will be working with the SORL1 gene structure, including detailed analysis of a novel splice variant that leads to a truncated receptor. She will look into the mechanisms that determine when this splice variant is active, and how…

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