Funding for research visits in the Nordic EMBL Partnership

To promote interactions, collaborations, and knowledge exchange between the nodes in the Nordic EMBL partnership, it is possible to apply for funding to cover travel costs for the "Young Investigators of the Nordic EMBL Partnership" (PhD students, postdocs, and technicians), who wish to visit either EMBL facilities or the other Nordic nodes of the partnership (NCMM, MIMS, and FIMM). The travel grants are made available through Nordforsk's support of the "Nordic Molecular Medicine Network" (NMMN).

The funding covers all travel related expenses for visits such as attendance in workshops, courses, and short research stays.

How to apply

You can apply for up to 2500 NOK (for visits shorter than 1 week) and up to 5000 NOK (for visits longer than 1 week).

Prior to the visit DANDRITE Group leaders must apply on behalf of their PhD students, postdocs, or technician.
Contact Else Magård ( for detailed instructions and application form.

Who can apply

The funding is ONLY available to the "Young Investigators of the Nordic EMBL Partnership".
This means PhD students and postdocs affiliated either DANDRITE, NCMM, MIMS or FIMM.
Furthermore, the funding is also available for technicians affiliated either DANDRITE, NCMM, MIMS or FIMM.

Note that applications for funding for research visits MUST BE submitted by the Group Leader.
Applications that are not submitted by the Group Leader will not be considered.