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Confocal microscope - guidelines for use

Who can book the microscope?

As a general rule, only DANDRITE researchers, including affiliated researchers and team leaders, can be granted permission to use the confocal microscope in room R255B in building 1116. The access is provided that the user has obtained the necessary training in how to handle and take care of the microscope. 

Please remember to report microscope malfunctions and technical irregularities to the confocal coordinator (Stella Nolte), as soon as you become aware of the problem.

Booking procedure

1)     Maximum length of a booking is 4 hours/weekday (during the period 8AM – 5PM)

2)     After 5PM the microscope can be used without time limitations

3)     Once pre-booked, fee must be paid (no refund at cancellation)

4)     If a booking has been cancelled it will show in the calender, as the booking will appear in a different color and it will say "cancelled"

5)     Once the booked time has begun, the booking time can be extended if available

6)     In case the microscope has not been booked and is freely available, usage hours must be post registered in the booking calendar 

7)     Repetitive misuse and breaking of booking rules will lead to ban from future usage of the microscope

Stella Nolte will inform the confocal committee if a not-optimal booking pattern is seen and someone from the Confocal committee (Mark Denham, Morten Schallburg Nielsen, Simon Glerup Pedersen, and Anders Nykjær) can contact the Group leader responsible for the user in question for explanation of strange booking in order to maintain a good booking culture.

How to get access to the booking calendar

If you are eligible as a user (as defined above) of the confocal microscope and want to book user time, then please write an email to Stella Nolte (sn@dandrite.au.dk), whom will grant you access to the booking calendar.

It is important that all users ensure permission from their Group Leader before usage of the confocal, since it is the Group Leader, who will at the end of the year receive invoice for the usage of the confocal by her/his group members (It is also the responsibility of the Group Leader to make sure that new users have been properly trained in how to use the microscope). To ensure authorization from the respective Group Leader, please include the Group Leader (as cc'ed) in the e-mail correspondence with Stella, when asking for access to the booking calendar.

Note that you only need to contact Stella to get access to the booking calendar, not to confirm or inform her about your booked slots at the microscope.

Administration and billing of bookings involves an inherent trust component to keep user fee at a minimum. Thus it is urged that users are responsible and make sure to only book for time that they actually use (within rules as defined above). 

Confocal coordinator tasks

  • Add and remove users from the booking system, coordinate with confocal IT support employee Per Mogensen, if there are problems with the booking system

  • Check if new users got the proper introduction how to use the microscope, inform them about the booking system, distribute protocols and info material, remind new users of their responsibilities to keep the microscope clean and report malfunctions

  • When informed by users about a malfunction:

    • check if the problem is trivial and can be fixed by ourselves. Stella will be assisted by Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn with checking the problem.

    • If need be, Stella will contact the microscope service support company (Zeiss), making sure service comes quickly, book the planned service in the confocal booking system, inform all users as soon as possible about the upcoming service, and keep users up to date with the service progress.

    • If the microscope cannot be used properly during a problem/service period, Stella will remove the planned microscope bookings until the microscope is fixed.

  • Please feel most welcome to suggest further tasks that the confocal microscope coordinator should be in charge of. Suggestions should be send to Anne con Philipsborn (avp@dandrite.au.dk) and Stella Nolte (sn@dandrite.au.dk).

User fees for using the confocal microscope

The current fee* for using the confocal microscope is equal for all users:


8 AM - 5 PM

5 PM - 11 PM

11 PM - 8 AM

Fee per hour - Mon-Fri


Fee per hour - Sat-Sun


100,- DKK

50,- DKK

50,- DKK


 Free of charge

25,- DKK


 Free of charge

*Cancellation fee: 

Cancellation 24 hrs (or more) before the booked time = 50% of normal user fee
Cancellation within 24 hrs ahead of the booked time = 75% of normal user fee.  


New rates of user fees from January 2020 (50 % raise)


8 am – 5 pm

5pm – 11 pm

11pm – 8 am

Fee pr. hour: Mon-Fri




Fee pr. hour: Sat-Sun




Annual economy statements

When the year has passed a status of the user fee payments will be made:

1. If end of a year involves a deficit between fee payment and maintenance cost the deficit will be shared proportional among users.

2. If end of a year involves a surplus between fee payment and maintenance cost:

  • If surplus is less than 100.000,- DKK the surplus will be transferred for the following year to ensure buffer liquidity among years.
  • If surplus exceeds 100.000,- DKK the surplus above 100.000,- DKK will be shared proportional among users.