Confocal microscope - guidelines for use

Users & and how to book

Only in-house users have been granted access and permission to use the confocal microscope in building 1171, 2nd floor, room 214. This means that the confocal microscope can only be used in connection with research projects involving in-house researchers.

A good Booking Culture is important: Users are urged to only book the time span that they anticipate to use – thus e.g. especially users should not block larger time span “just to be sure to have it”. Hande Login should inform the confocal committee if a not-optimal booking pattern is seen and one from the Confocal committee (Mark Denham, Morten Schallburg Nielsen , Simon Glerup Pedersen, and Anders Nykjær) can contact the Group leader responsible for the user in question for explanation of strange booking in order to maintain a good booking culture.

If you are eligible as a user (as defined above) of the confocal microscope and want to book user time, then please write an email to Hande Login (, whom will grant you access to the booking calendar. It is important that all users ensure permission from their Group Leader before usage of the confocal, since it is the Group Leader, who will at the end of the year receive invoice for the usage of the confocal by her/his group members. To ensure authorization from the respective Group Leader, please include the Group Leader (as cc'ed) in the email correspondence with Hande, when asking for access to the booking calendar.

Note that you only need to contact Hande to get access to the booking calendar, not to confirm or inform her about your booked slots at the microscope.

Administration and billing of bookings involves an inherent trust component to keep user fee at a minimum. Thus it is urged that users are responsible and make sure to only book for time that they actually use. Furthermore, cancellations of pre-bookings must be done no later than 24 hours in advance (enabling other users to take advantage of the slot) – later cancellations than 24 hours in advance is considered unacceptable by the user community and can be billed accordingly.

During the nearest future a more purpose-tailored booking system will be implemented.

Confocal user fee in 2016

The fee for using the confocal microscope is equal for all users:


8 AM - 5 PM

5 PM - 11 PM

11 PM - 8 AM

Fee per hour

100,- DKK

50,- DKK

25,- DKK

Confocal training fee:
Fee at the confocal is the same amount whether training or research is taking place at the confocal. Training slots at the confocal should be booked in the name of the Group Leader, whose member is receiving the training and hence the training will be billed to that Group Leader.

Guidelines & training before use

In order to prolong the confocal’s lifetime and keep maintenance costs at a minimum proper use of the confocal microscope is crucial:

  • Training must be acquired before start using the confocal.
  • It is the Group leaders, whom are responsible for the training of their respective group members.
  • For everybody’s advantage: The Philipsborn Lab has made a step-by-step software manual for the confocal microscope. It is thorough and easy to follow. Please carefully read the manual and make sure that you know all that is needed to operate the confocal correctly. Download the software manual here
  • For the very interested and thorough user the "Handbook in Biological Confocal Microscopy" is recommended. Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn has the book in her office and is kindly lending the book upon request. See more details about the book here
  • Also, we recommend this website: with a lot of very good tutorials, interactive simulators and other resources about microscopy in general, including confocal microscopy.

Annual economy statements

When the year has passed a status of the user fee payments will be made:

1. If end of year 2016 involves a deficit between fee payment and maintenance cost:

  • In the event of deficit the deficit will be shared proportional among users.

2. If end of year 2016 involves a surplus between fee payment and maintenance cost:

  • If surplus is less than 100.000,- DKK the surplus will be transferred for the following year to ensure buffer liquidity among years.
  • If surplus exceeds 100.000,- DKK the surplus above 100.000,- DKK will be shared proportional among users.

Contact persons

Main contact person in charge of assigning access to booking of the confocal microscope (upon request):